Donna’s specialty and forte is making brides look absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day. All brides want to look classically beautiful on their special day and with Donna having the expertise to make every brides special look come true.

We all know that all the expenses of weddings can add up, but you can relax now as with Soul 2 Sole professional hair styling and makeup will not cost you the earth as we are affordable and make things nice and easy as we will come straight to you

For sale
Shampoo and Conditioner        $60
Makeup touch up bag   $10 
Skin Care Ask at trial
Do you want extra length/ highlights or volume in your hair style? Or all of the above

Special wedding/ Formal or Event day use option
100% Human Hair Clip in Hair Extensions

$150 Bond does apply
Evening re-touch from $150
Wedding Trials
Hair $80
Make-up ( inc touch up bag + lashes ) $80 
Bridesmaids/Mother of Bride/Groom/Other Party Members
Hair $70
Make-up ( inc touch up bag + lashes ) $70
On the Day
Hair $90
Make-up ( inc touch up bag + lashes ) $90
Bridesmaids/Mother of the Bride/Groom/Other Party Members
Hair $80
Make-up ( inc touch up bag + lashes ) $80
Junior bridesmaids/Flower girls
Hair and Make-up / Up to 12 $80
Hair and Make-up / Under 7  FREE

Beauty Checklist for Brides

Your beauty routine should begin at least three months before your wedding. Careful planning with your beautician, hairdresser and health professional will ensure that you have clear radiant skin, perfect make-up and hair and optimum health for the important event.

As soon as possible decide on the length, shape and style of your wedding hairstyle. This will allow you to have an early trial with your hairdresser to determine whether the style is right for you. Remember to take your headpiece and veil to complete your look.

Many brides decide to colour or highlight their hair, we suggest at least four months before your wedding day you work with your hairdresser to determine the exact colour you desire. This will ensure you are happy with the look of your hair and have no unwanted colour surprises.

Schedule a trial session to ensure you and your make-up artist are happy with the result. It is advisable to stick to the make-up brands that suit you and your skin type best. If you have problem areas such as blemishes, scars or under eye circles, green based concealers work best.

Consult a skincare professional and work out a routine which best suits your skin. It is important to cleanse tone and moisturise your skin night and morning.

A facial is always a must before such a special event. You should schedule an appointment at least two weeks before the day, allowing any post facial breakouts or redness to disappear.

Make an appointment to have your brows professionally shaped. This will add one of the final touches to your wedding day look.

Once to twice a week you should exfoliate your skin, concentrating on such areas as elbows, knees and feet. Follow up with a deep moisturizer. Many brides choose to tan before their wedding day. If you are using a self tanner, remember to experiment well before the event to determine the correct amount required to gain your desired look. If you are attending a professional tanner. It is still a good idea to have an application well before the event. If you do not, you risk the look of unnatural colour or even an allergic reaction.

Hands & Feet
Schedule a weekly manicure and pedicure either at home or at your beauty salon. This will not only allow you to have beautiful hands and feet on your wedding day, but will also help you relax during this busy time

Tips for the Bride

Have your eyebrows shaped and your lashes tinted about 2 days prior to your wedding day.

Have all your waxing done about 2 days before your wedding. If you react to any of the waxing, this will give it time to settle down. Manicures and pedicures should be done the day before the wedding, that way there is less chance of chipping your polish.

Drink plenty of water (about 8 glasses a day). This will help to avoid dehydrated skin so that it will glow on your very special day.

Always have a make-up and hair trial about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. This gives your make-up artist and hair stylist a chance to design a naturally beautiful face and hair style with a creative touch to compliment your wedding theme.

Hair Tips
Try not to go for anything too different on your wedding day. Remember your hairstyle will last a day, but your wedding photo will last forever. Try to have your hair cut and coloured within 2 weeks to your wedding.

This will enhance your beautiful wedding gown, hair and make-up. I recommend a professional spray-on tan for your special day.

Visit your dentist and have your teeth checked. Remember you will be smiling a lot and people will notice your teeth. Don't forget your lips! Use a good lip balm/ conditioner every night for smooth, moist sexy lips.

Remember to
Put deodorant, perfume, body lotions or hand creams on long before you put your wedding gown on. This will give them time to be absorbed and not rub off onto your dress.

Don't Forget!
Please remember to wear a button or zip through top (not a t-shirt) at your make-up and hair trial and also on your wedding day, so you do not disturb your hair and make-up when you take it off.
Prices effective1st January 2009. All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.