Mobile Spray Tanning Parties


It's party time! Spray tan parties are a fun excuse to get your friends together and feel fabulous.


How about a completely different kind of night with your girlfriends? You've done lingerie parties, makeup parties, tuppaware parties.......... Now its time to have a spray tan party! Get some good friends together, mix in a little music, a couple nice bottles of wine, and relax while we give you each an amazing GLOW!

Get a group of friends together and indulge yourselves with a stunning, Soul 2 Sole spray tan, with a custom application for each person from a spray tan professional. In no time, your whole group will look like you've just returned from the tropics.


Surprise them all by inviting them to a spray tan party!

Some great excuses for a tanning party

• Hens night

• Birthday

• Wedding / Special event

• Just for fun / A different night in

• Save money /  Free Spray tan


It couldn't be easier to look and feel like a million dollars as your personal spray tan professional gives you an incredible 'just off the beach' body in only a few minutes


Go on, you deserve it, and as hostess, your tan can be free, so spoil yourself! You could even make it a regular thing, and swap the party location, each time the host getting a free tan.


After booking your party with us, you will be sent an Invitation. Just fill in all the shaded fields, print it out, and send to your Guests.


We'll come to your home and set up a portable tanning tent. There's no worry about mess. Why go to a spa, when the spa can come to you?


Host a tanning party and get your tan free!!!


5 + guests tan @ $30 each - Host gets her spray tan free. ( Saving $10 each )

10 + guests tan @ $25 each - Host gets her spray tan free. ( Saving $15 each )


Contact us now, and let's get your party started