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Hair Extensions used are 100% Human Indian Remy hair. In my experience, I have found that other hair types do not work as well for hair extensions. European hair is generally very thin and is often fragile. Asian hair is too thick and therefore it is not ideal for hair extensions.

Indian hair comes in two forms, one type comes from the collection of the hair from places such as salon floors and hair brushes. This results in hair which has different quality, length, thickness and colour. Also, the cuticle, which is the basic structure of the hair, is arranged in different directions which results in the hair matting and losing its shine very quickly. This is non-Remy hair.

The hair extensions I use are instead from women donating their hair at Indian temples, the hair is tied before being cut so that the same quality hair is bundled together and the cuticles are arranged in the same direction. Remy hair respects the nature of the hair and maintains its characteristics. The end result is that the hair is soft, resilient and easy to manage. If you are tired of tangled, matted dry extensions then it is time to try these.

100% Human Remy Hair Extensions
Full Head Permanent Hair Extensions ( 100 strands ) $350
Full Head Clip-in Hair Extensions ( custom 6pc set ) $230
Custom colour consultation / application   from $80

What type of Hair extensions do you provide?

I offer three methods of extensions, Kerratin Bond and Micro Bead plus my very own Custom Clip in.

With my experience these are very natural looking extensions to your natural hair. Each hair extension is attached to a small Bond / Bead to the natural hair with a heat iron / Pliers and attach the hair extension, giving you the flexibility / ability to wear your hair any way you like with natural looking length all over the hair.

Clip in Extensions, are very versatile to suit everyone’s life style, they are also 100% Human Hair Remy, these are not permanent in your hair, so you are able to add length, volume to your hair in 5 mins, by simply clipping them in yourself whenever or wherever you like.

Highly reccomended for Bridal or a temporary change, Active or busy lifestlyes

I have Custom made each piece, making it much easier than before with only 6pcs to add, rather than 8-10pcs  ( each piece I supply is thicker )

Will these Hair extensions damage my Hair?
Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained properly. You must be careful brushing. If you have a knot, hold the hair while you brush it especially if your hair is fragile. The bonding method is very small so it lays flat and are very hard to see giving you natural added length without heavy wefts permanatly causing stress to the hair
How long does it take to apply?
The bonded method extensions generally take about 2-3 hours to apply depending on your hair type, length and style.

What colour should I choose?
I offer a range of colours; please refer to my colour chart.

I also offer a free consulation depending on your location

How do I care for my Hair extensions?
Firstly because the hair extensions are 100% human hair, you are able to Cut, Colour, Wash, Blowdry, Heat irons curls or straight.

I recommend you wash your hair at least once a week and brush on a daily basis. If your hair is naturally curly, I advise as soon as you wash your hair, I recommend you lightly Blow dry you hair wet to dry. Then using an Extension brush as this will cause less curling or tangling with your own hair with your hair extensions, making it easier for you to maintain 

You are able to use any brush with your extensions, although in my experience I do recommend using a hair extension brush as this is perfect for brushing your hair on a daily basis quite easy

Prices effective1st January 2009. All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

"I have used Soul 2 Sole Hair and Beauty a number of times now and I have to say that the service Donna provides is second to none. "

As a busy working mum its hard for me to find time to get to a salon for my hair extensions, but Donna has been so helpful and works to fit in with my schedule in the evenings!!.

At first when I heard of a mobile service I was skeptical about having someone come into my home, but Donna is welcome anytime, she offers such friendly service and really gives great advice on what works given that she tries everything herself first"